Alive Innovation has strategy of suggesting & installing only sustainable & feasible projects. This is one of the reason why Alive Innovation is considered most reliable vendor in the industry. Now Alive Innovation is providing a special service of feasibility study & report thereof, so that designer has get clarity as to what kind of plant pallet is going to work in which area. Services required & locations of the same.

Alive Innovation has policy to try to deliver exact design, however innovative & difficult it may be. If design needs modifications then Alive Innovation suggests minimum changes without diluting the language of the design.

As Alive Innovation is equipped with variety of systems that provides non conventional greenery, it is the best position to study, design , plan & deliver the designers dream ideas.


Alive Innovation receives Design, with detailed building drawings giving details of structure, openings, elevations, site specific climatic details, images of current state of the project & location of the project.
Alive Innovation studies the inputs & arrives at first stage conclusion of technical feasibility.
Once arrived at such technical feasibility positive, Alive Innovation visits the site @ client’s cost & checks for practical feasibility.
Alive Innovation prepares the methodology for execution of such projects & budgetary quote.