EPCH 2018

Garden in the Fair

Exibition at Ardee School

Exibition at Vasant Contenental Hotel

EPCH 2018

With globalization and free market economy, the Home Garden activities are no more confined to a few professionals. Wall Gardens & Vertical Planters has got the industry status with a lot of activities taking place over the last few years. The rapid urbanization and industrialization leading to the ongoing construction boom and malls culture, green belts, amusement parks and residential townships are coming up with new dimension to the art of Wall Gardens & Vertical Planters. Moreover, the people are health conscious and desire to live in a healthy and green environment and Alive Innovation is delicately helping its customers to design there own Wall gardens and Planters and bring in the beauty of nature at there home.In IHGF Delhi Fair 2018 we are again among the top companies which has proved its soul purpose of converting unproductive lands to lush green heavens.We are still leading as a top most company to provide Wall Gardens and  Aerial Planters of unmatched Designs.






EPCH 2017

Green concepts gather momentum with FPCI’s support through a chlorophyll and oxygen rich stall at IHGF Delhi Fair-Autumn 2017, brand ‘Alive’ by Ashwanath innovations Pvt. Ltd. brought in the solution to liven up arid & small urban spaces.They offer choices in vertical gardens, minimalistic planters, etc.- obvious ways to add nature to decor. Initiated 4 years ago this is a concept designed in India, made in India and promoted from India – in line with the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Make in India initiative. Offering an inseparable solution comprising product and service, they take and train local partners, hence, in a way their projects also generate employment. Already present in five to six states, they are looking for more partners.The very concept of vertical gardens may not be invented by Ashwanath but they innovated a way to include plants that need low maintenance, have minimal watering needs and can be nurtured on a low budget? This is the USP of this product,’ said Mr.Tiwari and shared that the inspiration came when they were working with a renowned five star hotel chain.The challenges encountered there became the actual inspiration and Ignited a thought process towards the conceptualization on brand Alive.